An Ode to Meat


I’ll keep this short and sweet.

You know I like my meat. I like a petit filet, very lean, not so lean it lacks flavor, but not so fat that it leaves drippings on the plate. And I don’t want it cooked-just lightly seared on either side, pink in the middle, not a true pink, but not a mauve either, something in between. Bearing in mind, the slightest error either way and it’s ruined.

So when I first sat down with the Merrick’s Purrfect Bistro Beef Wellington, I knew it would take a lot to impress me.

The seduction began immediately-sublime pieces of real meat, 100 percent grain-free. Even now, I grow weak in the hind legs as I remember it.

It was not food so much as a poem about beef, a meditation on texture, a sculpture about deliciousness. It left me licking the plate long after it was gone.

Merrick’s Purrfect Bistro Beef Wellington 5.5 oz. can, $1.69 retail. Available at Petco and other independent pet specialty stores.  

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One Response to An Ode to Meat

  1. Edna Freeman says:

    It’s what I like, It’s about me.

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