My Alaskan Salmon Odyssey


My Alaskan hosts, Haaken and Brad, and I woke up extra early (slightly before noon) and headed to Anchorage, which happens to lie just a couple hours’ drive from the Kenai River.

We drove into town and stopped at Moose à la Mode for our first coffee of the day. It was there we had scheduled a rendezvous with a man known as the “Salmon Whisperer.” 


We said our quick hellos, and then he led us to his favorite fishing spot. The plan was for us to spend the rest of day in search of King Salmon.

After outfitting themselves in waders and gear, Haaken, Brad and the Salmon Whisperer ventured into the river. I, not being a huge fan of water, chose to idly observe from a warm rock on the bank.

From there, I could see, well, nothing much at all.

Apparently, we were two weeks away from the actual salmon run.

The morning was a bust, but Haaken invited me to lunch at his cabin. He promised it would be simple. It was anything but.

Imagine my surprise as a plate of Salmon Pâté appeared. Flavorful, rich, and extremely pleasing, this meal was an education in the glories of fish. So deeply fragrant, you know it’s coming before it’s on the table.

My interest was piqued since the old man didn’t seem to be much of a fisherman.

It didn’t take much detective work on my part to find the empty Merrick’s Purrfect Bistro Salmon Pâté cans hidden in the kitchen.

Any disappointment I may have had in Haaken’s ruse was immediately pushed aside by the knowledge that I could recreate this wonderful meal by simply opening a can.

Merrick’s Purrfect Bistro Salmon Pâté 5.5 oz. can, $1.69 retail. Available at Petco and other independent pet specialty stores.  

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One Response to My Alaskan Salmon Odyssey

  1. fmhos says:

    Having lived in Alaska I think you had the better fishing spot on the warm rock, the salmon up there don’t take much effort to catch…caught 1/2 of one just by backing into my neighbors truck…long story but tasty!

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