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how to remove color cast from hdr

A colour cast can occur in High Dynamic Range (HDR) images if the white balance is not set properly during image capture. Here are several methods for removing colour casts from HDR images:

1.Utilize the White Balance tool in your software for editing: The White Balance tool in the majority of photo editing programmes, such as Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop, can be used to adjust the colour temperature and tint of an image. You can use the tool to select an area of the image that should be neutral grey, such as a white wall or a grey card, and the software will adjust the image’s colour balance to match the selected area.

2.Utilize the Color Balance tool. Some image editing software includes a Color Balance tool that allows you to adjust the red, green, and blue levels in an image. This is useful for fine-tuning the image’s colour balance after using the White Balance tool.

3.Utilize the Selective Color tool to adjust the colour balance of particular colours in an image. For example, if the image has a yellow cast, you can reduce the yellow using the Selective Color tool.

4.Utilize the Graduated Filter: The Graduated Filter allows you to modify the colour, exposure, and other image parameters in a specific region. This is useful if the colour cast is limited to a specific area of the image.

It is important to note that these are general methods and that the process of removing a colour cast will vary depending on the image and the editing software you employ.

If the colour cast is caused by the lighting conditions, it may be difficult to completely remove it, and the best way to avoid this is to set the white balance correctly prior to capturing the image.

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